Are investments more profitable in online banks?

Are investments more profitable in online banks?

Do you have a large amount of money and want to invest in a high return on a short-term investment with limited risk or simply looking for a safe place to put your money securely?

We are in a turbulent period where the stock market behaves like a wild animal and interest rates are at record levels again. Low mortgage rates are great, but how do you make money in the short term?

In such a volatile market, short-term investment can be a safer alternative for investors. Investing in the short term allows investors to invest their money, whether investing a large amount with little or no risk, knowing that their money will not be locked up for long periods.

The best short-term investment is expected to grow from months to years and can be converted into cash or other short-term investments when they mature. The best choice for the best paying investments is to place the money at online banks.

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Saving at banks online is a better opportunity for a profitable investment

Saving at banks online is a better opportunity for a profitable investment

In terms of investment, online banks allow these clients to expand their investment portfolio by investing their capital and choosing the profitable investment system.

Do you want to guarantee that your investment will generate some return? Placing your money at online banks is perfect for this purpose. For example, you can use a savings account to invest in the short term. Deposit your money knowing it will be there when you are ready to cash. Online savings accounts offer a risk-free return.

Most high quality online banks allow 6 withdrawals per month from savings accounts. You will find on this page a comparison of the best banks online in 2018 to guide you in your choice. In other words, you can usually withdraw your funds at any time without much hassle or expense. Meanwhile, you will not have to worry about giving away some of your profits to sell your investment since it is safe in a low-risk savings account.

Online banking offers offer a welcome bonus

boursorama reviews As mentioned above, online banks offer a real alternative that is worth the detour. Indeed, many welcome bonuses are offered to these customers. Thus, clients have the choice for various investments, such as savings booklets or life insurance whose rates are very profitable and the risk is slightly minimal . In addition, you can enjoy all the benefits of online banking, such as free credit cards or excellent customer service, to name just two. Given the announced increase in traditional bank rates for 2018, choosing to put your money in online banking generates more profit and income .

To receive their customers, these virtual establishments always offer more attractive offers. Very often, 80 euros are offered for each opening of an account. This is for example the case of Boursorama Banque, ING Direct, Hello Bank! and BforBank. Monabanq even amounts to 120 euros, to be more competitive compared to others. You also get bonuses when opening a savings account. BforBank will give you 50 euros as a bonus.

The very competitive BforBank offer

As the market leader ING Direct, Bforbank offers a welcome rate of 3% gross per year in the first two months, up to a limit of 75,000 € for the opening of a savings account. You also get a bonus of 50 euros, which is very advantageous for a remunerative placement. The only condition to receive this bonus is to pay into your account at least 20,000 euros. You will not have to pay any fees for managing your savings book. As a result, online banks offer attractive and real benefits in terms of remunerative investment. Profit and profit generators, investment and savings at online banks are only a safe deposit of capital and a profit generator.