5 Things to Keep In Mind If You Are Going To Invest

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Investing in Lydia Languish is simple, however, being a relatively new model, you may have some doubts, for this reason here we tell you five things you should keep in mind if you are going to invest in Lydia Languish.

Lydia Languish is the best way to invest your money

The most important thing is the net return.
When you are building your investment portfolio in Lydia Languish, you are seeing the interest rates assigned to each one of the applicants, it is normal to get confused and believe that this is an interest that will come to you, but you should take into account that There will be different factors that influence.
For example, an applicant stops paying for one month, but is updated to the next, this implies that there will be extra charges, plus the interest rate will be adjusted which will cause your net return to rise when it finishes paying.


The defaults happen
It is inevitable that some of the applicants will fall behind in payments, some others will stop paying their loan. Some will catch up, others will not. Remember that no investment is guaranteed, in the case of loans p2p lending is not the exception, although we note that Lydia Languish’s comprehensive collection system will exhaust until the last resort to recover money from all lenders.

In fact, our past due portfolio is much lower than traditional institutions, of 6% since we only approve people with high probability of payment and excellent credit history.

Lydia Languish is safe

Diversification is the key.
The best way to protect your money is to diversify it, you can choose different applicants, low and high risk to amortize losses.

The more you diversify your money, the more secure it will be and your yield generation will also be better.


The monthly payments are capital plus interest
The loans in Lydia Languish are fully amortized, which means that month after month, you receive the part you lent, plus your returns. So until the end of the loan payment.


Reinvest the money that returns you
If you want to have consistent returns on your money, it is best to reinvest the new applicants month after month. This way you will see that your net return remains constant.


Without a doubt, investing is an excellent adventure in which you have to be aware of your money at all times, think of each of your movements, we are sure that in the Lydia Languish model you will find an alternative that will offer more returns and a little less of effort to achieve them.



Got a 100 Million Euro Loan




EUR 100 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development received Schwarz Gruppe for the development of the Kaufland network in Poland. This is yet another type of financial support for the German tycoon – in 2015, it received 900 million dollars on preferential terms. The money was spent on setting up supermarkets Kaufland and Lidl, which sparked sharp protests from Polish stores. At that time UOKiK did not notice the problem. Will it be different this time?

According to the industry website dlahandlu.pl, the decision to grant the Schwarz group, the owner of Kaufland, was made in July 2016, and the money was to be made available half a year later. It is not known whether Kaufland is already using the loan , because no official information has appeared on this matter.

The project has been classified as an investment in environmental and social impact related to the construction, modernization and operation of stores and warehouses. According to dlahl.pl, the loan specification assumes that 100 million euros are to be spent on environmental and health protection as well as work safety, as well as “operations in stores and corporate social responsibility”.

Let us remind you that in July 2015 it was revealed that the Schwarz Group, which both Lidl and Kaufland belong to, received preferential loans for approximately USD 900 million for the development of a chain of stores in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Money – on preferential terms – borrowed the World Bank and EBRD.

To authenticate and meet the formal requirements, Lidl and Kaufland preferential loans were officially awarded to create new jobs, open new sales markets for local farmers and provide good quality food for the poorest. Both networks refused to comment on this matter.


The loan aroused protests by organizations associating Polish stores, which recognized that loans granted preferential terms for Schwarz Gruppe could have disturbed the balance of the market.

  • The issue of granting a loan in such amount to retail chains is at least amazing – said then Maciej Ptaszyński from the Polish Chamber of Commerce, which brings together small stores. – It is hard to imagine that any Polish retail network could count on a loan of even a part of this amount – he stated.

The Commercial Solidarity has turned to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to investigate whether there has been a breach of the unfair competition rules. Several organizations associating Polish trade joined the union’s letter in this matter.

UOKiK decided, however, that it does not intend to look at the case, because it is not his competence. The Office explained that the President of UOKiK deals with the monitoring of state aid granted in Poland, and funds from the EBRD are not public funds in the light of EU law.

Is this time UOKiK – if it will be called to the board – also recognize that there are no issues? It is worth noting that since the previous issue, the loan for the Schwarz Group has changed the president of UOKiK, who may have a different position in this matter than its predecessor.

Currently, the president of UOKiK is Marek Niechciał, whose Prime Minister Beata Szydło was appointed to the post. The fact that Niechciał may be less tolerant of approaching a loan for a German trading group may indicate the manner in which he dealt with the notification of Krystyna Pawłowicz to the Law and Justice party regarding Kaufland ads.

The latest publicly available financial data of Kaufland for 2015 shows that the company has reached a turnover of almost PLN 9 billion in Poland. The company’s turnover in recent years has increased by an average of 12 percent, which means that in 2016 they could amount to almost PLN 10 billion. It can therefore be assumed that the maximum penalty for Kaufland, about which UOKiK mentioned in the letter to the company, could amount to almost PLN 1 billion.


Is It Worth Repaying A Mortgage Ahead Of Time?

Mortgage is a huge challenge for many people. We have to pay it a dozen or so years and it is a burden for the household budget. Therefore, the vast majority of us, when we have the opportunity of course, want to pay off this commitment as soon as possible. But can we do it? Will it pay off for us? We will try to analyze it later in the text.


How to pay off your mortgage earlier

 How to pay off your mortgage earlier


All those who want to “get rid of” the mortgage before, can do it in two ways. First, they can pay off each month or from time to time more than it is clear from the repayment schedule. Thanks to this, we will finish paying off our debt earlier. Secondly, we can repay the entire debt in full. Usually, people who have received an “injection” of cash in the form of inheritance, donations, etc. As you can guess, the early repayment of the mortgage, in addition to “peace of mind”, also allows you to save a lot of money. We do not have to pay interest in the amount we see in the repayment schedule. However, with early repayment of such a loan, there may be a certain “catch”.

Well, banks can in this case charge a commission for early repayment. This applies in particular to loans made before July 22, 2017. All mortgage loans drawn after this date are subject to new regulations, which show that banks may only charge a loan early repayment fee if the repayment is made within the first three years of the loan agreement. This commission can amount to a maximum of 3% of the repaid amount and can not exceed the amount of interest that is charged on the repaid amount within one year of the actual repayment. Of course, not every bank collects such a commission, so it is worth to read such information in individual banks.


What we gain by paying back the mortgage

 What we gain by paying back the mortgage


Early repayment of the mortgage gives us several benefits:

  • We’re lowering the total cost of the loan,
  • We improve our creditworthiness,
  • We can release our mortgage,
  • We can give up the package of other banking products that we often have to use when signing a loan agreement.
  • We improve our well-being, because we do not think about our debt in our head.


As we can see, early repayment has many benefits. However, as finance specialists claim, it is not always profitable. We have already written about the costs associated with the commission for early repayment of the loan. In addition, we must realize that the mortgage is one of the cheapest on the market. Therefore, its costs compared to other loans are much lower. That is why it is often said that when we have any financial surpluses, it is better to accumulate them for a “rainy day” and not to pay for the repayment of a mortgage. For if we suddenly need more cash, and we do not have any savings, we will be forced to apply for a cash loan whose interest rate is much higher. Therefore, before we decide on such a solution, let’s think about whether it really pays to us, especially when we want to overpay the loan rather than pay it back.

Are Investments More Profitable In Online Banks?

Are investments more profitable in online banks?

Are investments more profitable in online banks?


Do you have a large amount of money and want to invest in a high return on a short-term investment with limited risk or simply looking for a safe place to put your money securely? Learn more at airnegril.com

We are in a turbulent period where the stock market behaves like a wild animal and interest rates are at record levels again. Low mortgage rates are great, but how do you make money in the short term?

In such a volatile market, short-term investment can be a safer alternative for investors. Investing in the short term allows investors to invest their money, whether investing a large amount with little or no risk, knowing that their money will not be locked up for long periods.

The best short-term investment is expected to grow from months to years and can be converted into cash or other short-term investments when they mature. The best choice for the best paying investments is to place the money at online banks.

N26 choice

Saving at banks online is a better opportunity for a profitable investment

Saving at banks online is a better opportunity for a profitable investment

In terms of investment, online banks allow these clients to expand their investment portfolio by investing their capital and choosing the profitable investment system.

Do you want to guarantee that your investment will generate some return? Placing your money at online banks is perfect for this purpose. For example, you can use a savings account to invest in the short term. Deposit your money knowing it will be there when you are ready to cash. Online savings accounts offer a risk-free return.

Most high quality online banks allow 6 withdrawals per month from savings accounts. You will find on this page a comparison of the best banks online in 2018 to guide you in your choice. In other words, you can usually withdraw your funds at any time without much hassle or expense. Meanwhile, you will not have to worry about giving away some of your profits to sell your investment since it is safe in a low-risk savings account.

Online banking offers offer a welcome bonus

boursorama reviews As mentioned above, online banks offer a real alternative that is worth the detour. Indeed, many welcome bonuses are offered to these customers. Thus, clients have the choice for various investments, such as savings booklets or life insurance whose rates are very profitable and the risk is slightly minimal . In addition, you can enjoy all the benefits of online banking, such as free credit cards or excellent customer service, to name just two. Given the announced increase in traditional bank rates for 2018, choosing to put your money in online banking generates more profit and income .

To receive their customers, these virtual establishments always offer more attractive offers. Very often, 80 euros are offered for each opening of an account. This is for example the case of Boursorama Banque, ING Direct, Hello Bank! and BforBank. Monabanq even amounts to 120 euros, to be more competitive compared to others. You also get bonuses when opening a savings account. BforBank will give you 50 euros as a bonus.

The very competitive BforBank offer

As the market leader ING Direct, Bforbank offers a welcome rate of 3% gross per year in the first two months, up to a limit of 75,000 € for the opening of a savings account. You also get a bonus of 50 euros, which is very advantageous for a remunerative placement. The only condition to receive this bonus is to pay into your account at least 20,000 euros. You will not have to pay any fees for managing your savings book. As a result, online banks offer attractive and real benefits in terms of remunerative investment. Profit and profit generators, investment and savings at online banks are only a safe deposit of capital and a profit generator.

Tips to Read before Subscribing To a Bank Loan to a Bank Loan

A bank loan is a sum of money offered by the bank to a client so that he can carry out his personal projects. Currently, there are hundreds of banks in France, and each establishment is unique. Each bank has the obligation to grant bank loans to all its clients, if they are not linked to outstanding debts. You want to apply for credit at your bank, but you do not know how to proceed. The advice you must follow and the requirements will be quoted below. Come on DocteurCredit.org to understand everything!

Essential tips when you apply for a bank loan

Essential tips when you apply for a bank loan

Before applying, you must first estimate the amount you will borrow, the duration of your future contract, and especially your income. Calculate all your expenses , then give a conclusion if you can repay in a given time the amount of money that you thought to borrow from your bank. If your income does not allow you, then you have two choices, either you choose a bank credit that offers you a sum of money and a reduced rate, or you do not apply for credit, but in all cases, you will find an appropriate credit to your income, you just have to choose well, and calculate all the numbers. doctorcredit price

After taking into account your income and the credit you thought you were getting, now it’s time for you to read carefully all the proposals regarding the credit you have chosen. Indeed, a bank loan includes several interesting proposals . For example, the mortgage, in this loan there is the conventional loan which is a long-term contract, there is the housing savings plan which is reserved for real estate investments, and the home savings account for the purchase of housing. Do not skip any line when you read the proposals offered by your bank by subscribing to this credit chosen, to avoid any unpleasant surprises .

If you have questions or do not understand the proposal, you can use an online simulator to help you instantly. Most banks have online banking simulators, so that all customers can get answers quickly for their questions. The simulator can also advise you on which bank credit is appropriate for your projects.

After seeing all the proposals, you must ask yourself again if you really need to make a bank loan. Getting this bank loan gives you a great responsibility, you must think carefully before you commit .

The conditions required to obtain bank credit

The conditions required to obtain bank credit

 The first important condition is that you must be a person with a job. Indeed, a contract of employment is the first criterion. In order for you to obtain credit, your bank must check whether you are a person who has a job or not . If you do not have a job, getting credit will be complicated for you since the bank will find that you will not have the skill to repay the money in a scheduled time.

The second condition is age . In fact, you must be thirty years old or older to benefit from a multitude of credits offered by your bank. If you are under twenty-five or over seventy years old, then the procedure is quite difficult, you are obliged to provide several documents , you must give to a bank the certainty that you will be able to repay within the deadline provided by the contract the amount of money you will borrow .

To qualify for bank credits, you must be a non-debt related person , because if you still have debts to repay, obtaining a loan will be difficult for you . If you are still connected to a current credit agreement, you must repay the full amount before you can re-borrow a new bank credit.

You must also be a customer of the bank whose contract you are going to make, if you are not yet a customer of the bank, then obtaining bank credit will be impossible for you . The procedures to become a customer of a bank are very simple, you can also subscribe from online banking.


Judges Decisions-Payday Loans and its Debiting debts



One of the most important examples of social sensitivity was Justice, with a decision-making station, whereby a matrimonial marriage owed to an unemployed spouse and two adult children was owed, amounting to 845,000 euros.


Judges and their Decision Making

Judges and their Decision Making



The decision was taken by the Ierapetra County Court, which, for the first time in the application of the Hedged Households Act, proceeded to “total removal of the applicant’s debts and rescue of her property”.

The 53-year-old farmer had been charged in two banks for five loans, both as a debtor and as a guarantor on an OE loan, at the amount of 845,000 euros. Her family’s monthly income reaches 616.81 euros from her own farm work, her husband, farm subsidy and parental assistance. It has an olive grove of 22,339.89 square meters and a half of its own with her husband, while they are housed in the home of her mother-in-law.

She has been addressed to the Consumers Protection Union of Crete since the year 2012 and with her counseling and guidance she joined the favorable provisions of the Katseli law. In essence, she is a married farmer, an unemployed husband and two adult children – one of whom she studies – dipped in over-indebtedness without being able to overthrow her. In particular, it was accepted that there was no prospect of an improvement in the already poor financial situation claimed and proved by the claimant, since the impossibility of finding a job would create a complete inability to meet its monthly expenses.

In fact, the Court found that “the above facts do not permit any consideration for the determination of monthly payments for the remainder of the remaining time until the limit of the monthly payments under Article 8 (2) of Law 3869/2010 (three years) “.

Thus, the applicant was completely deprived of its debts, since the Court ultimately set zero payments for the period of three years following the publication of the Act. 38/2017 of decision (No. 8 par. 2 of Law 3869/2010). This final judgment of the Court came as a follow-up to the fact that zero payments were initially levied at first, which were maintained by the second final judgment of the Court of Justice and, hopefully, by the final decision.

In essence, with these assumptions, the Court proceeded with a groundbreaking statement fully in line with the philosophy and objectives of Law 3869/2010 on the protection of the debtor: If the debtor’s living conditions so require, it is not impossible to completely delete the his debts. The decision of the Ierapetra County Court, mentioning in its rationale the provision of Article 2 (1) of the Constitution on respect for and protection of human value as a primary duty of the State, points out that the Constitution sets as a limit the maintenance of those conditions allow citizens to live with dignity. Thus, according to the judgment, “… if the court deprives this possibility of the applicants, then it asserts, in relation to the value of man, the satisfaction of property rights, contrary to the above fundamental constitutional provision which must be inspired by Law and its interpretation “.


Other Deletions

Other Deletions




It is not the first court decision to write off debts. But it is the first time that debt is so high. Since 2011, around 15 court rulings have been issued, with debts of thousands of euros written off. About three months ago, the decision of the Rhodes County Court to erase consumer debt of 322,000 euros was impressed. It was a write-off, as it was the first court decision that almost completely relieved the debts of an over-indebted consumer. A new record-breaking record was recorded a month ago. The Irakleio Jurisdictional Court decided to write off the € 400,000 debt of a highly indebted consumer to four banks.

He is a 38-year-old non-commissioned officer from Crete and a father of three children, who, before the crisis broke out in our country, was perfectly consistent with paying the monthly installments to all four banks. However, because of the tragic cuts he suffered in his salaries, he was unable to repay his debts.

Apart from the fact that the court has calculated that the 38-year-old has always been consistent with his obligations, he acknowledges that he has no real estate at all, so he decided to “cut” 385,000 euros. Based on the decision of the Court of Justice, the 38-year-old will have to pay up to 48 months to all four banks in installments of 309 euros, a total of 14,832 euros. If it proves consistent with its obligations, it will be finally released from its remaining debt of € 385,000.












Monthly payments-For Consolidation of Payday Loans

Using credit redemption proves to be ideal for the individual. Indeed, this solution could preciously meet all the financial requirements coming from this subject. Nevertheless, advantageous features require many essentialities in order to carefully guarantee the services rendered. See istitutogentile.com for a write-up

With regard to these positive points, the repurchase of credit could generate in favor of the individual a favorable evaluation of its monthly payments. These are indeed valuable assets to distinguish the appropriate broker vis-à-vis all others.


The Crucial Importance of the Monthly Payment at the Level of the Operation


monthly payments in repurchase of credit Before you commit to your loan, you should theorize your repayment capabilities so you do not encounter any difficulties. In order to repay his credit, the individual pays the amount of his monthly payment plus interest.

These interests then serve as essential points on which the monthly payments to which the individual will have to face, can be lightened. This portion of the capital to be repaid per month, ie the monthly payment, will be curéed gradually as a result of the concept of the repurchase of credit.


How to Achieve a Narrowing of his Monthly Payments?


The monthly payment is actually an obligation for the individual towards his lender. Nevertheless, providing itself with advantageous parameters could be feasible.

The repurchase of credit is able to make sure that the interest which is added to the monthly payments is attenuated. As a result, this so-called “debt restructuring” can fully reduce the various amounts to be repaid.

This amounts to saying that the monthly payment essentially depends on the reimbursement rate imposed by the only organization that has contributed to the repurchase of credit. This rate, which will evaluate the small supplement to which the share of its capital will be added, will be able to provide it with valuable contributions, considering this favorable situation.